Happy Easter!

Just wishing everyone a Happy Easter.

How cute is this little bunny from one of my newborn sessions?!


DUMBO - Brooklyn Bridge Park

Well, yesterday was magical! It was my first engagement session down at the water in Brooklyn under the Brooklyn Bridge right by Jane’s Carousel. It was overcast but then the sky opened up for some sun. Just when we thought we weren’t going to have the magic hour, we were pleasantly surprised. The weather and sky did not disappoint.

Vinny and Geena are fun! You can see how much they love eachother and how much they love to laugh with all of the photos I took.

I am also impressed at how the un-edited images came out. There are gorgeous if I must say so myself!

Camera: Canon 5d Mark II, 85mm and 50mm lenses

Here are a few teasers of the lovely couple:

Geena and Vinny in Brooklyn Bridge park - Un-edited

Geena and Vinny in Brooklyn Bridge park - Un-edited

Gorgeous over the water - Un-edited

Gorgeous over the water - Un-edited

I mean, c’mon with these two!  Un-edited

I mean, c’mon with these two! Un-edited

Un-edited but you can see how amazing this shot is going to be. That sky gives me LIFE!

Un-edited but you can see how amazing this shot is going to be. That sky gives me LIFE!

City - Urban Engagement Session

I am so excited to have an engagement session booked this weekend on the Hudson River. It’s going to be beautiful out and I am looking forward to taking photos with the fun couple during the golden hour.

Check back for some teasers next week!

Diane Lynn Rhodes - Intro!

Hello! I am Diane Lynn Rhodes and I am an aspiring family photographer. I’ve been in the creative world my whole career and have always enjoyed being the one behind the camera! I figured I’d take the opportunity to tell y’all a little bit about myself. For starters, I love saying y’all even though I am a native NY’er. A piece of me longs to be a southern belle. But if any of you know me, the moment I open my mouth it’s clear as day where I am from! I grew up in Queens, NY and lived there most of my life. I visit there often but now, I have officially made the move to New Jersey. It’s not as bad as it sounds, trust me but I will always remind people I am not from there, I just live there. ;)

I am an animal lover but obsessed with dogs/cats including my black lab and two kitty cats. Go ahead and follow them on insta @kaydenthelab - they are way cooler than me!

I am a Post Supervisor for documentary and unscripted television in the Greater NYC area. I’ve been working in television (varying roles) for approximately 12 years. I absolutely love post production. I love sports and live events - I’m a die hard NY Giants, NY Mets and NY Rangers fan - you can say I am a glutton for punishment. I love seeing Broadway shows with my sister - it’s our birthday routine where we go to dinner and show - TOTALLY TOURISTY! I’m also into music and I love Country to Hip Hop and everything in between.

I love traveling with my husband. Over the years, we’ve had enough success in our careers to allow us to take our family on large trips like Ireland, New Orleans, Las Vegas. We get to spoil our family when we do our large family trips to one of our favorite spots in the world, Walt Disney World (don’t at me).

It’s while we traveled that we started thinking about how we can grow our business and while it’s all still a work in progress, my love for photography and videography stemmed from our trips together. (more on that soon!)

I love my husband, family and friends so deeply that I think it’s what pushed me to start family photography. I started taking it more seriously getting my friends and family together to start photographing them. It gives me so much joy.

We’ve recently decided it was time to start our own company B N T Post (Bridge and Tunnel Post) which allows us to work for ourselves while in television and to pursue our other passions. And that’s how I’ve really been able to get this off the ground!

Like all things I, and my business, are a work in progress so please check back often to see what I’ve got going on while we expand.

There are some really exciting things in our near future at B N T and I can’t wait to share them with you all through Diane Lynn Rhodes Photography and Videography.