Work- Life Balance - The Struggle!

This summer has been filled with fun events with family and friends! But it has also been filled with a bunch of professional work - you know, the good old day job.

I am in the middle of 5 series at all stages of delivery to various networks. And I had signed up for a documentary special/film for National Geographic since the content is interesting and the visuals are stunning - I just had to be a part of it. But with all of that, it leaves me with very little time to do the other things I love. I am always trying to figure out the work - life balance.

I am trying - I swear! Trying to continue building my business - B N T POST - which, to date, has had a very successful launch. I am honing my photography skills, building a following - it’s difficult but it’s slowly and surely happening.

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I have a few small US trips planned and a few events coming up that I will photograph. I am excited for those but I am still wanting to do more! I always want to do more. I mean, when you love what you do, it really doesnt feel like work. I just love the experiences.

Looking forward to the rest of the year!